Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 Best Blogs

Web 2.0
What do you think the title of the video means? How does Web 2.0 affect someone who is ready to enter the workforce? How does it affect people who are already in the workforce? What do you think it means when it says that we will have to rethink everything?"Web 2.0 the machine is using us" is a very interesting title. I think it means that technology has become so advanced and addictive that we can't stay away from the machine. People are glued to there cellphones, PDAs, and laptops. The world is no longer personal it's exposed. Web 2.0 affects individuals in the workplace constantly. There are new forms of technology created everyday. Job requirements increase drastically. Being knowledgeable about the use of computers is essential to success in the workplace. Individuals entering the workplace will have an even harder time incorporating their skills and new technological advances. This may cause issues with people that are not computer literate. Maintaining or obtaining a job may be harder to ensure with new technology. At the end of the video it states that "we will have to rethink everything". It means the way we look at things now will change to something totally different. Such as defining relationships. Is it really a relationship if two people hooked up on the web or no relationship exist. The limitations of privacy, ideas, and identity may all change. Everyone may not have a set identity anymore because the Internet has helped the process of purchasing a life easier (identity theft). The film points out many issues we should be concerned with rather than just falling the cyper stream.

I love Japanese movies and music. I watched Cutie Honey last night. I must say it's a really dingy movie but I think its so cute. Cutie Honey is a young girl that can digusie herself into anything she wants. She can create and heal anything. She has the ability to do this through her fathers I System which he developed but was killed by this group called Panther Claw. Cutie honey was in a car wreck that destroyed her body but her father made her into an andriod. The I System allowed her to stay alive but she has no memories. The movie is really cute. I'm not saying it's a 5 star movie but it's really cute. Honey Flash!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ethical lapses

Reading the article on ethical lapse was eye opening. I didn't know there were some many reports of ethical lapses during work. I think it mostly affected lower income workers but the article was really good. I think as long as people point out these ethical lapses and fight back the better work experiences will be.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Technology Vs. Paper

Both writing on the web and paper perform the same thing. They each are meant to convey or persuade messages between individuals or groups. They are both systems of communication. Writing on the web is more technological and offers more options (such as spell check). Also writing on the web helps share information a great deal faster than writing on paper. When you write something on paper you have to mail it and then wait for a delayed response. When transferring writings from paper to the web you must remember the message your trying to convey and how you want to inform your informant.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break

I'm so glad to have had a break but I think it was a little bit to short. My little sister came to clemson to share her spring break with me. I had a great time with her and also my family. I can't wait till summer comes because I'll be going to england.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lying on Your Resume

I've never lied on a resume to get ahead in a job position. I fear that if I lie I won't fulfill the expectations of my employers. I think that people should be fired if they lied on their resume only if they are not a good worker. If they are exceptionally good at what there doing then it shouldn't be a probably. Employers are becoming increasingly investigative when it comes to employee's backgrounds. The article explained the consequences for lying on your resume. It causes some extreme problems. I've learned do not lie on your resume.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


The past presentations were really good!!! I can't pick a favorite because all them were reallly good and brought some interesting facts to class. I'm not trying to be negative but I liked my project the most. I also I like David's presentation on jujitsu mainly because I could relate to it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mock Interview

The Mock Interview was great. The interview provided a real experience and possible questions that would be sked in a graduate program admissions interview. The interview helped me fix up my weaknesses and enforce my strengths.